About ImageFree

ImageFree was launched in 2010. Our aim is to present you with an alternative to the expensive stock photography. We believe in community support so we created a website where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work.

Why be a Member?

Being a member has a lot of benefits. You gain access to many high-quality stock graphics and photos and that's all for free! Need an illustration for your blog or website? A wallpaper for your desktop? Or you want to add something fabulous and spicy to the design of your commercial website? Everything on ImageFree can be found easily and quickly. Even if all you need is just a bit of inspiration!

Why be a Contributor?

Contributors have a lot to gain. One of the best benefits is that your work portfolio will get a great exposure as plenty of web developers, webmasters, graphic designers and photographers from all over the world choose ImageFree as their top destination for stock photography and imagery. As a contributor you will also be able to see the way your photos and graphics are used – you'll get a detailed idea on which of your images are the most sought ones. You can learn what people think about all of your work. And last but not the least you will be able to meet fellow photographers and enthusiasts, share ideas, learn new tricks and techniques.

Who We Are

Pálmi Guðmundsson

Pálmi is taking pictures for more than 30 years. He has been teaching photography in Iceland. He loves to share what he knows about photography with everyone who is interested. He is also a co-owner of ImageRee.com - a brand new picture agency.

Hákon Ágústsson

Hákon is into photography and taking photos for more than 15 years. He owns PhotoQuotes.com – a site which covers more than 3000 quotations about photography. He is also a co-owner of ImageRee.com - a new stock photo site.